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Onan 3 phase portable generator 120/208

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I bypassed the fuel pump which is probably gummed up and hooked up the temporary fuel can directly to the carburetor. It now starts immediately and runs like a champ!! While the generator was running, I did some tests. The unit self-charges the battery as designed. Power output to each phase is 120v, and 218v 3 phase, which is excellent for a 208 unit.
I hooked up a temporary fuel tank and attempted to start the generator. It ran for about 3 seconds and then it shut off. If you try immediately to start it again, it just cranks. But if you wait a few minutes and then try to start it, it runs for 3 - 5 seconds and then shuts off. The generator is acting as if it's starving for fuel. Being that it has varnished gasoline in the tank, it most likely has the same dried fuel in the carburetor. It seems that each time the unit started, it ran a few fractions of a second longer than the previous time. I also noticed that the oil pressure gauge works even though it ran for only a few seconds at a time.
**As per a request I received, here are the results: I hooked up a rope to the notch on the dead battery flywheel and pulled. There is a lot of compression between strokes. You could hear the air exit the muffler as the valves open and close. I hooked up a 12 volt battery and engaged the start switch. The engine cranked smoothly without hesitation and much faster than I was able to get it to turn with the rope. I hope this helps, and thank you for asking.**
Onan Electric Gen Set Model and Spec No 10.0CCKB-4R/13E. Long power cord included.
* Bat. 12 (12 volt battery not included.)
There is a dead battery notch on the flywheel in order to start unit with a dead battery. Rope and handle not included.
This generator was used to supply power to a 3 phase boiler room in a large complex. It was used to keep the boilers and circulator pumps running during a winter power failure. Unit ran fine until the guy who knew how to use it left. It then sat in place for many years. Engine turns freely by hand, but has not been tested.
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Onan 3 phase portable generator 120/208 Onan 3 phase portable generator 120/208